"My name is Kiyomi"

Kiyomi Jhene Aiko… Your moms was the one woman who actually understood me. The one woman who managed to trap me during my most wildest times. At first I thought she would be another hit it and quit it but she turned out to be more than that. I waited nearly 4 months before I even got to grab some ass any longer and I would have died but that was starting to seem like her plan. It took countless attempts before daddy actually got to help mommy make you.

"Vante.. I’m pregnant"

My jaw nearly hit the ground when your mom told me that she was pregnant. I knew it could happen but we were young.. 16 to be exact. I didn’t know the first thing about raising a baby so I went to the one person who could help me.. Your grandma. Of course, She beat my ass and gave me the lecture of a lifetime but it was worth it because I learned everything.. well almost everything I needed to know in order to take care of you and provide for you and your mom. I was excited to have you now. After 9 long months, you were finally here.

"What do you wanna name her?"

"I don’t know.. Molly or something?"

"Daddy’s embarrassing you already baby… I like Namiko"

The first few years were the hardest for me and your mom but we managed to make it through.. well at least we tried. Our arguing had gotten worse to the point where I wasn’t even home as much. I know you were too young to notice but things just weren’t getting better for us.. that’s when I decided to leave. I thought it would be best.. thought I would be gone for a little while then come home and have a happy family but I wasn’t expecting anything that happened.

"She went missing 3 years ago.. You would know that if you were around"

Nothing could prepare me for that. My baby girl was missing? I kept telling myself that someone had to have you, someone knew where you were because there was no way possible my princess was gone. I was deep in thought thinking of where you could be , who had you, what you were doing but everything seemed to point back to me. Had I not left.. you’d still be here. I’d still hear your laugh.. see your smile.. I’d still have you.

"It’s her V"

I can’t.. I can’t write this anymore. I love you Namiko and I’m sorry for what happened, I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you. I would go back in time and change everything if I had the chance to, I would give my life in order for you to be back here with your mom. I can’t begin to express how much I love and miss you.